Topics Covered Under I.T. Olympiad Examination

The students will have to answer easy and objective multiple-choice questions (MCQ). Since the examination is going to happen on 2 Levels, The level of difficulty will increase with each level however Topics will remain same. The topics that will cover in the contests are:

Computer Fundamentals & Hardware

  • Introducing various parts of computers
  • Functionality
  • Computer Assembling
  • Software installation

Introduction and Advance Operations of Ubuntu

  • File System
  • Modules , Directory
  • Desktop Operations

Gimp shop Tools

  • Panels and Operations

Internet applications: Email

  • Communication through email
  • Creating accounts
  • Receiving and sending messages

Internet Advance

  • Blogging
  • Publishing content
  • Use of Social Media for Education

Internet online transactions

  • Use of various online applications for E- reservation for Trains , Flights
  • Online Hotel Booking
  • Online Examinations
  • Online shopping
  • buying of tickets

World of Open Source Software

  • Install and download free and open source software/games
  • Search for Open source contents/software
  • Install and use of such software

Computer Ethics

  • Do’s & Don’ts
  • Safe Browsing practices
  • Exercise & Aasana for IT People