Students of Class VI, VII,VIII and IX can register under the “Cubs” category and students of Std. X,XI and XII can register under the “Lions” Category.
Fees to take part in this contest is Rs.100/- per student which include Student registration charges, IT Olympiad Practice Software Fee and Final Round Fees.
No, School/ Junior College can register free of cost in the content. The fee is applicable only to the students as participation fees.

It was owning to requests from schools and Junior Colleges like yours. Teachers therein have complained to us that since it is a free event, students and their parents do not take it with adequate seriouslness. The same could be redeemed where a sum, how-so-ever small, could be charges to the participants making them understand its importance. The sum of INR 100.00 is extremely nominal when compated to the value added material in provide in return, like

1. Each Senior Group (Lions) participating students shall get Scholarship discount of INR 20000.00 (INR Twenty-thousand) where they do a UG or PG course from PAI International Learning Solutions.

2. For the Final round, Students need not to come to Pune and may attempt the examination from their own city, which itself is a huge saving for students and parents alike.

3. Schools and Students have the options of appearing online / offline for these examination henceforth which means we also give a chance to schools and Junior Colleges with no computer or internet facility by providing them OMR Sheets for free!.

4. State-level winners would henceforth also be awarded.

Students cannot register directly, on their own and must come through a school/ junior college. Either they have one or they locate one that shall take charge of them.
The participating school/ Junior College must collect the fees from all the interested students by a given date and send us the same in the form of a Cheque or Demand draft by courier or registered post along with the names of students and a covering letter signed by the Principal. Please note that we do not collect Individual payments from any students. Such payments will be forfeited and will not stand any chance to appear for examination. Important Notice: Please do not handover any DD/ Cheque or Cash to any of our representative or coordinators as they are not authorized to accept any payment from schools / Junior Colleges on behalf of PAI I.T. Olympiad or PAI International learning Solutions. The Olympiad team shall not be responsible for such payments and transactions.
Yes, since our competition is based on the common IT and Computer Skills present in almost all the education board’s curriculum, Schools and colleges from all the boards (State board , CBSE , ICSE , International Boards ) are eligible for it.

Examination :

There are 2 ways for giving examination

1. Online
If you have computers and good internet connectivity , we highly recommend you to give online exam.

2. Offline.
Offline exams are advised to schools where computer or internet connectivity is an issue.

The entire details are available on the link below. Do check the same In case of any issues, call us directly on +91 20 64013441
As regards you, ie the participating school, holding the contest is almost similar to a regular examination. Our Offline examinations are based on OMR (Optical Mark Reader ) Sheets , and so we do not require anything special from the school. You can get in touch with our area coordinator to know more.
Under both the tracks the medium remains the same, English.
As you are aware English has became an International language with almost all programming being done in this language. Even if your students learn and give exam in regional language, in practice when they work on computer they will face difficulties. We thus encourage students to learn computer with a command on English language too.

In the entire PAI IT Olympiad, there are only two rounds.

In round one your students will appear for this examination from your own school. Top 3 student in each category ( Cubs / Lions ) will participate in Round 2 at our nodel school in your own city.

Where you opt for the online examination mode, we provide a learning application and online practice test system to all the participating students to practice their skills and knowledge against particular time lines. They can thus improve their knowledge and speeds.

Where you opt for the offline mode, the participating students get similar information as above in a printed booklet which consists of MCQs which they need to practice with full sincerity..

Participating students need to answer objective, multiple-choice questions (MCQ) within a defined time frame. The questions shall be syllabus based and answering them should not be difficult provided the students are thorough with their concepts.

In the offline mode, Student need to mark their answer on our Olympiad OMR Sheets.

Please note: The contest questions and solutions are not for sale under any circumstances.

We try to publish the contest results within a week of the contest date on our website. Do keep tabs! You can always get in touch with us to know the exact dates when results may be announced.

These besides others are occurrences on which no one has absolute control. As such , the governing body (MCE Society, Pune) does not take any responsibility.

In case of power failure , the student does not lose the chance to give the examination but his exam shall start from the beginning.

Sorry but students get only one chance to appear for each round and there is no system for re-examination available for low scorers

Prizes / Awards

For participants in general, we award participation certificate in the first round in digital mode. Top 3 students of each school / Junior College get printed copies of participating certificates from our side which are sent to respective schools/ junior colleges from where the participants are to collect these. The overall winners of the final contest is awarded in a grand award ceremony in Azam Campus, Pune where the winner is required to be present in person to collect the same.
It is mandatory for the winner of the Olympiad to be present at the award distribution function. In the absence of the designated winner, the Management Committee at PAI Olympiad has the right to transfer the award to the participating student next in line.
Participating students, and their guests (parents, siblings etc) are expected to attend the Grand Award Ceremony using their own means as the same is not to any extent provided or subsidized by PAI Internationl.
This is not a frequent occurrence though there may be a possibility due to unforeseen circumstances like the unavailability of the item planned to be distributed as prizes or a delay in delivery etc.
The award-winning student has to be present in order to collect his/ her award which under no circumstance shall be delivered at any place other than at the venue of the Grand Award Ceremony
You are most welcome. Do inform our national office of your visit in advance so as to make the right arrangement. We would be more than happy to assist you in the same.
Yes, you can still participate and hoping for the best, win as you did the last time.