Topics Covered Under I.T. Olympiad Examination

The students will have to answer easy and objective multiple-choice questions (MCQ). Since the examination is going to happen on 2 Levels, The level of difficulty will increase with each level however Topics will remain same. The topics that will cover in the contests are:

Computer Fundamentals:

Basics of computer:
Basic organization of computer, Different types of input & output devices, Software and its classification, Distinguish between system software and application software.

Computer as a device:
Input Devices, Output Devices, Printing Devices, Storage Devices

Generations of computers

Latest ICT Tools:

Communication Tools
Skype, Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo Messanger, Video Messaging
Email, Blogs, Wikis, Newsgroups, Podcasts, RSS Feeds, You Tube, Audio graphics, Online Forums.

Computing Tools
Word Processor, Spreadsheets, Presentation Software, Database Maintenance

Bluetooth, iPod, Portable Video Player, USB, Webcam

Operating System Fundamentals
What is an operating system, Primary functions of an operating system, Modern operating system, Common Operating System Commands (Basic DOS command of operating system)

Hardware & Networking Fundamentals:

Computer Hardware Basics
Introduction of basic computers hardware basics, Basic computer hardware / device drive

Input Output Devices
Basic input output devices like CD/DVD Drive, Keyboard, Monitor, Printer, Mouse, Scanner etc.

Parts of computers
CPU ALU, Storage Devices, Control Unit, Peripheral Devices

Networking Fundamentals:

What is Network, Classification of computer networks, Basic Networking Protocol, TCP/ IP, Domain Name System, Client Server Architecture

Office Publishing Fundamentals:

Word Processor Software
Working with documents, Formatting Documents, Setting Page Styles, Creating Tables, Drawing Tools, Printing Documents

Spreadsheets software's
Working with document, Entering & Deleting Data, Setting & Working with Formula, Formatting Spreadsheets, Working With Sheets, Chart Creating, Printing, Using Tools

Database Software's in Office Tools
Introductions & Fundamentals of Database tools, Working With database tables

Presentation Fundamentals
Introduction of presentation tools, Creating Presentations, Formatting a Presentations, Adding effects to the presentations, Printing Handouts

Internet Fundamentals

History & Definition of Internet

Web Address URL, Domain, Host

Types of internet connections

Wired Connection
Dial up connection, Broadband, ISDN, DSL

Wireless Connection
Wi-Fi, WiMax, Satellite, Mobile

Internet Browsing
Search Engines, Portals, Social Networking Sites, Blogs, Email Operating, Basic Email Etiquette, Sending Emails, Reading Emails, Printing Emails, Forward & Reply Emails, Sending Emails with attachment, Concepts Of Mobiles Devices (Mobile phones & Their Uses).

Programming & Logical Fundamentals

Programming Language Introduction
Type of Programming Language
Basic Programming statement
loops, conditional statement and mathematical operations.

Programming Tools