Welcome to our mentorship page. Before we go ahead to understand the complete process of mentorship, we advise you to go through few important pages of this website to understand I.T. Olympiad in a better manner.

To know more about the competition:

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ICT curriculum for I.T. Olympiad 2016-17:
For Juniors :http://www.itolympiad.in/syllabus-outline-for-it-cubs-2016/
For Seniors: http://www.itolympiad.in/syllabus-outline-for-it-lions-2016/

Details of Mentorship Programme :
An I.T. Olympiad mentor is a key-person or a virtual coach for students taking part in I.T. Olympiad contest. As mentor you will try to solve the queries participating students can ask to you by your email address. This mentorship programme is totally non-commercial initiative where we do not ask any money from students or schools participating in this championship. For your quick understanding please go-through the FAQs below.

1.How did we get your contact ?

Answer: Mostly we get contacts from our friends, advisory board or even by Linkedin.

2. Am I going to get any payment for this mentorship?

Answer: No, Since this mentorship is a help to mostly poor and needy students and we do not charge any extra payment for this mentorship, it is going to be non-commercial model. However guiding the young generation of our country and working for them will give you a different emotional satisfaction. And Imagine, If any of your mentored students become the national champion in IT Olympiad, you mentorship will play a key role in that.

3. How the students will contact me?

Answer : To save your time and effective communication students will contact you only by the email you provide to us. You can answer such queries within 48 Hours as per your convenience.

4. Do I have the right to choose students for mentorship?

Answer : At present this right is with the participating students to select the mentor from the website.

5. Can I take the help of books or Internet to answer students queries.?

Answer: Absolutely, In order to provide best explanation of their queries you can take any referance.

6. What is my benefit to become the mentor of IT Olympiad?

Answer: Well, There are number of benefit to become the mentor in this Olympiad.

You will be highlighted on our official website as authority of the subject.
In-case your mentored candidates wins as national champion, you as mentor will get a certificate of honour and cash prize worth Rs.10,000/-
You will get 2 free passes to join IT Olympiad Award distribution ceremony in Pune Maharashtra.
Each mentor will get an ‘E-certificate of mentorship’ for this noble work.
Most important is a feel to be a coach of next generation of our country.

7. Why don’t you publish contact number of mentors on the website.?

Answer: We understand you are a busy person and may not be free during your job or other important timing. Hence to save your time from hundreds of calls we just publish your email address.

8. What if , I also have no-idea about the subject or queries?

Answer: You can take the help of Internet and other resources. Still in the case of no-reference you can simply write the students about this and suggest him/her to find another mentor for this query.

9. Can I ask the phone number or contact details such as home address of the participating students?

Answer: No, all the mentorship or coaching must be given virtually by email Only.

10. How to register as a mentor?

Answer: The registration process is simple and quick. If you understood the concept of mentorship and IT Olympiad process, please fill this online mentorship form and one of our representative will contact your shortly.

Answer the question in a simple and plain English.Do not ask for contact details such as contact number, address or any other personal details of the students.
Keep the mail short and illustrate the example if required.Don’t answer any query except by Email.
Try to answer the query within 36 Hours from the time of receiving it.Don’t comment on school, their cast , creed or culture.
Maintain neutral tone while answering any query Don’t ask any payment or gifts from the students or schools.
Follow-up of the students to whom you have answered to confirm that they got the answers. Don’t give wrong explanation of query. If you are not sure tell them clearly or take the help from online resources.
Keep a CC to mentors@itolympiad.in while answering the queries. Do not call any student at any place (Home,Office, etc ) for coaching or mentoring. It is fully virtual mentorship.
In-case of any difficulty, issue or any unseen problem get in touch with us immediately. Don’t answer any question which are outside the curriculum boundary

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